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There is such a thing as a FREE LUNCH at Comtex.  Comtex has provided hundreds of our clients with a FREE lunch. All they had to do was come to our offices on Wall Street.

If you are looking for a business telephone system quote and would like to receive a FREE no obligation DEMONSTRATION and PROPOSAL in our offices on Wall Street, call us today.  Allow us to make a 30 minute presentation and live demonstration and we will provide you and one other person with a FREE lunch during that presentation.

Think about this...Would you ever buy a house without walking through the house first? Would you ever buy a car without first taking a test drive?  Why would anyone buy a telephone system without talking on the actual telephones and seeing for yourself how the features work?  Many businesses do just that, but not our clients. We maintain a live demo telephone system with many types of telephones in our 500 square foot demo room and use a high definition LCD screen to make a presentation.

It does not matter if you are looking for HIGH TECH or LOW TECH telephone systems, we can help you. From basic digital telephones to voice over IP (VOIP) systems with Unified Messaging, we can sell, install, and service a full product line that meets all your business needs.

Give us a call today and after a brief survey of your needs, we will prepare a state of the art telephone system quote designed for your business. So schedule your FREE lunch today.

In addition, if you can give us 30 minutes on Wall Street, we will help you make the best telecom investment possible!

Thank you for considering Comtex. Call us today at (334) 271-4000.

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At COMTEX there is such a thing as a....

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