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"If you can give us 30 minutes on Wall Street, Comtex will help you make technology investments that provide the highest return on investment for your business", Ty Glassford



Comtex is a 26 year old, locally owned and operated provider of business technology equipment and systems including Telephone equipment/services, Surveillance Camera Systems, Computer/IT sales and support, Video Distribution (HDMI) or Digital Signage, and low voltage structured wiring (CAT5/6) for Central Alabama businesses.

Special Announcements


COMTEX TECHNOLOGIES - is a NEW name for Comtex Telecommunications. President, Ty Glassford said, "With our continuing technology diversification, we needed a name that reflects our capability and future direction". Over the next few months you will begin to see more and more of our new name, Comtex Technologies. Glassford expects it may take one year before all of our signage / branding is complete. Comtex full line of products and services now include: Local telephone service, long distance, internet services, telephone systems and equipment including Digital Telephones, pure IP or VOIP systems, Computer / IT services including IT sales and support, Surveillance Camera Systems and DVR systems, low voltage wiring (cat 5, cat 6, coax cable) and HDMI wiring, along with video distribution systems for multiple High Def TV broadcasts from any source.


Hybrid and Digital Surveillance Camera Systems NOW AVAILABLE: Comtex has sold and installed hundreds of cameras using the latest technology available today at competitive market prices. IP cameras mixed with Digital cameras form the basis for these hybrid solutions. These units allow for easy viewing of your camera system via the internet using popular phones using Droid and iPhones. Glassford predicts most all business will have a camera/DVR system within the next 10 years as they become more and more affordable due to technology innovations.

Comtex introduces FIRST TRUE MOBILITY SYSTEM that lets you turn your Mobile phone into your business phone extensionNow your callers do not have to dial two phone numbers to reach you and you do not have to check two voice mails (cell phone and desk phone). Callers that dial your direct dial Mobility telephone number (or transferred calls) can now be answered on your cell phone or your desk phone. Pressing the Mobility key on your office ICON phone allows seamless transfer from cell phone back to the office ICON phone without callers being put on hold or transferred. Or perhaps you need to transfer that caller from your cell to another cell phone number? No problem with Mobility software from ESNA and Iwatsu Voice Networks; you can transfer those calls to any phone. Furthermore, that call can be transferred back to your office phone system if necessary  by simply dialing their extension number.  In addition, free APPS are available for Droid, iPhone, and Blackberry that allow Mobility users to change their greeting (In Office, At Lunch, In Meeting, etc..) being played and their availability  to take calls or not take calls A FREE DEMONSTRATION can be scheduled using YOUR cell phone and our DEMO system. CALL TODAY to schedule a time to see how this award winning, patent pending technology can work for your buisness. 271-4000.

 ICON series telephones are more than just telephones: 

These telephones are no longer simple devices to answer / dial / transfer calls from, but rather a technology device to make communications more efficient and your employees more productive. Bluetooth capable, easy LCD feature interface, voice mail operation using soft keys, Mobility options, self labeling, 900 speed dial contact directory, VOIP or Digital, and expandable line keys make this the most productive communications device in your office. ICON phones can also be located nearly twice as far (2100 feet) from the main PBX as prior generation telephones.

TEXT to cell phones from desktop computer and back to office using LANTALK: This takes texting to a whole new level for business. Now you can communicate with employees at office computers via text using FREE apps available from ESNA for DROID, iPhone, or Blackberry.


* * * Latest News * * *


March 2014: Comtex announces NEW product line: Access Control Appliance. With the successful launch of the DVR/Camera systems 2 years ago, Comtex has moved forward with offering more of the One-Stop Shop experience by beginning to offer Access Control.

March 2012: Comtex begins marketing Toshiba Telephones and sells its first two Toshiba brand telephone systems in March 2012. Comtex is pleased to begin a relationship with such a high caliber telephone company like Toshiba Communications. The brand awareness is unparalleled but the quality of the product and the MTBF is outstanding. "Toshiba matches up perfectly with Comtex quality standards," says Ty Glassford, President. As this economy begins its recovery, we hope to position ourselves to do business with our traditional client base and expand into areas where name recognition and branding has been a challenge for us. We are excited about the short term and long term future as we join with this new business partner.

June 2011: Comtex is pleased to announce the release of the NEW TOS3000 all-in-one telephone solution from ICON Voice Networks. This solution provides small offices and multiple location businesses with a VoIP phone system, firewall/router, DHCP server and LAN/WAN access all in ONE competitively priced product. Features and functions essential to most businesses including Automated Attendant, voicemail, multi-line, three way call conferencing, call forwarding and much more are included as standard features

April 2011: Comtex announces NEW product line: Video Camera Systems with DVR. While maintaining a focus on its core business, Comtex has entered the Video Surveillance business using state of the art technology like IP (Internet Protocol) access to view office cameras via iPhone or Droid smart phones. Our systems will allow for customers to see what is happening in their business from the office computers, laptops, and smart phones via LIVE acces and search back thru recordings for the past 2 to 4 weeks. Economically priced systems are also available with lease purchase plans.

March 2011: Comtex announces release of patent pending technology that allows for better integration of cell phones into the work environment and office phone system. Using patent pending technology and new features, callers can be transferred seamlessly between cell phones and office phones as never before in the history of telecommunications. Applications are available for smart phones including Droid, iPhone, and Blackberry. These applications can also be integrated to select your voice message greeting based on your status.

June 2010Comtex is pleased to announce a new product line: ALL CALLS Recorder. This product line allows for all calls in a company to be recorded onto your PC/Computer. Whether you have regular analog phone lines, a T1, or a PRI Circuit, we can handle recording all incoming and outgoing calls 24/7. Searches in the database can be made by time of day and date or thru the Caller ID feature.

November 2009: Comtex continues agreement with CenturyLink to sell local, long distance, Internet, and other services. This will add to our full portfolio of products thereby making the ONE STOP shop more of a reality for our customers.

Recent Sales / Installations


Integrated Transport Logistics (Telephone & Voicemail System)

Regitar USA (Software Upgrade / Addition)

Chestnut, Sanders, Sanders - Selma (Telephone & Voicemail System)

Eastside Fast Care (Inside Wiring)

Hands on River Region - MACH Office (Phone Upgrades)

Chappy's Deli - Perry Hill (Inside Wiring)

Louisville Pecan Company (Telephone & Voicemail System)

Stivers Ford (Audio-Visual)

Town of Shorter (Inside Wiring, Camera System, Access Control)

Carmike Cinemas (Inside Wiring)

Online Commerce Group (Mobility System)

Stivers Ford - Mazda (Camera System)

United Plumbing of Montgomery (Campus System)

Carol's Carpet (Camera System)

Jimmy John's (Camera System / Inside Wiring)

Mullis Creek HOA (Camera System)

ACLU of Alabama (Mobility System)

Little Caesar's Pizza (Camera System, Inside Wiring)

United Heating & Air (Campus System)

The Pet Care Center (Telephone, Voicemail, Camera, and Data Network)

Denso Manufacturing (Telephone, Voicemail, Camera, and Inside Wiring)

Admiral Movers (Telephone & Voicemail System)

Professional Facilities (Call Center Expansion)

Stivers Ford Lincoln Mercury (Campus Telephone & Voicemail System)

Gipson's Auto/Tire, Inc. (Campus Telephone & Voicemail System)

Stivers Ford Lincoln Mercury - Fastlane (Inside wiring, Fiber Optics)

IREP-Montgomery MRF, LLC (Telephone/Voicemail, Camera, and Access Control)

Milton Road Residence (Telephone System)

Turner & Hamrick - Daphne location (Campus Telephone System)

H&H Carpets, Inc. (Telephone, Voicemail, Camera System)

Highland Ridge HOA - Prattville (DVR/Camera System)

Eastern Hills Baptist Church (PRI and Software Upgrade)

Taylor-Made, Inc. (Telephone/Voicemail System)

Gulf States Conference (System Move / Inside Wiring)

Foam Products (Telephone, Voicemail, Camera System)

Southern Orthopaedic Surgeons (Audio-Visual, Inside Wiring, Data Network)

United Heating & Air - Millbrook (Telephone/Voicemail System)

Barlett, Gunter, Yeager CPA - AU (Telephone/Voicemail System, Inside Wiring)

MedConnect, Inc (Telephone/Voicemail System)

Jordan Industrial Contracting, LLC (Telephone/Voicemail System)

Marshall Residence (DVR/Camera System)

Breckenridge HOA (DVR/Camera System)

Greystone HOA (DVR/Camera System)

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